Eric Barnard

Playing Experience:
Eric has been playing tennis competitively since he was 10.  Eric played four years of varsity tennis at Glendora High and played number one singles and doubles during his college career.  Tennis has always been apart of Eric's life and he has an energetic passion for sharing his love of tennis with others.  

Teaching Philosophy:  
Eric's teaching philosophy is to bring a one of a kind and enjoyable learning experience to each student.  Every student is unique and Eric loves to find the individual strengths in their game. Eric also understands that every student has different expectations with taking lessons.   If the expectation is to be a competitive tournament player, making Varsity, or beating that friend that won't stop bragging, together we can get there. Eric noticed in his own competitive tennis career that having fun is the best way to succeed.  Sometimes people forget that tennis is mainly a game, but a game that can bring joy throughout your entire life.  

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